book cover Golden Graduates of Winchester High School by Daly Walker

A Small Indiana Town’s Remarkable Achievement

Golden Graduates of Winchester High School is a 130 page hardcover book composed of a series of 29 biographical essays about graduates of a small town, Indiana high school who went on to make significant contributions to society. Among those whose stories appear in the book are lawyers, physicians, medical researchers, engineers, teachers, writers, philanthropist, business people, and politicians among others. They have designed guidance systems for rockets, transplanted hearts, influenced the world’s economy, written acclaimed stories, articles, poems, and books, taught students, helped discover a cure for lupus and manic depression, appeared on Broadway and in movies, designed award winning cars and musical instruments, developed a glaze for false teeth, and served as Governor of Indiana and in the United States Senate. While they differ greatly in their fields of endeavor, all of them had extraordinary careers that were influenced by their education and upbringing in Winchester, Indiana. Included in the book is a brief history of Winchester and its schools as well as pictures of the schools and the graduates. The publisher is Hawthorne Publishing in Carmel, Indiana.

Ordering Information

Copies of Golden Graduations can be ordered for $25 from:

Winchester Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment Fund
P.O. Box 492
Winchester, IN 47394